How to create illustrations for children’s books

Before you begin making children illustration there are various things you have to think about. Kids' books and other picture based books have distinctive details to standard books. In the event that these are done mistakenly they can genuinely influence the presence of your printed book.

Here are some tips and ideas of the best way to start setting up your illustrations.

1. First you need to think about what size you need your book to be and whether you need it to be square, picture or scene. These will manage the size and state of the outlines.

2. Do you want illustrations to cover the whole spread (across two pages), if so some of the middle of the image will not be visible.

 children illustration

3. If you need the outlines to fill the page then the foundation should extend over an additional 3 mm region, known as the drain. This zone is a wellbeing edge for when the book is cut. It is generally a good idea to keep any important detail in the children's Book illustrations about 9 mm from the edge. In fact Amazon’s Create space won’t accept books with important detail in this area.

4. Finally, you need to think about where the text will go on the page. This is really important as it can make a huge difference to how the book looks. You want your text to be easily readable and laid out in a way that children will enjoy. You can have a specific area on each page which has little detail where the text can go – Simple Techniques For Children book illustration , this could be in clouds, the sky, grass, pavement etc – otherwise you could have something behind the text that covers or blurs the background. With this you run the risk of losing important details behind the text, but if the placement is thought out it can be avoided. Another option is to have the illustration on one page and the text on the opposite side.

By pondering these focuses before you begin making the delineations you can abstain from making alterations, or even totally re-trying a few pictures, which can be expensive.